Ways to Brand your Business in iClassPro

Maintaining a brand and an image in business is key to success, and we want your business to succeed. That's why we offer these solutions to branding your business through iClassPro. These tools allow you to keep your image and message consistent for your customers. 

Online Presence

Through iClassPro, we allow you to maintain your branding and message through the Parent Portal experience by allowing you to upload a custom header image, logo/avatar, and select a color scheme that matches your website's look. Most of the customization and branding available for online portions of iClassPro are edited under Settings > Parent Portal > Marketing and Branding. (Location-specific header images are uploaded to Settings > Locations.)Parent_Portal_Parts.png

At the top of the Parent Portal, you can create and upload a custom banner which redirects customers to your website. By default, this banner gives a welcome message, but you can do anything you want with it, including posting reminders, adding your logo, or featuring a picture of the student of the month! Whatever you dream up, we're sure that it will be great. The image should be 920px wide by 480 px tall.  If the uploaded image does not meet those specifications, it will be scaled proportionally not to exceed either of the dimensions.

This banner is uploaded to your Location settings and can be unique to each location you have set up in iClassPro (Settings > Locations).

On the home page of your Parent Portal also contains announcement text where you can upload images, post announcements or instructions, and more! Customers will see this page before logging into the site.

Your logo also displays prominently at the bottom of the navigation bar in the Parent Portal on the left-hand side of the page.

Email Communications

Your email communications throughout iClassPro can be also be customized. Feel free to add images and custom text to your email templates under Settings > Setup > General Settings. These emails are what gets sent when you check the box to email customers from the new enrollments window or when customers register or enroll online. Email Blasts also have the capability to add images for branding and communication purposes. More information about using Custom Email Templates can be found at https://support.iclasspro.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018733094-Custom-Email-Templates

In iClassPro


Email Received



When generating statements, they include your business logo and contact information at the top right of the document. This information is drawn from your Business or Location settings, depending on your selection under Settings > Setup > Family Settings > Statements. The Global Memo section (text on the bottom half of the page) is also a great way to insert branding, reminders, and payment details! Edit the Global Memo from Transactions > Statements > Edit Global Memo.

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