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Instructions for Clock Synchronization

You may have noticed some changes... iClassPro released a mini-update with the following added features:

Clock Synchronization

To prevent a situation where users may have been logged out of their iClassPro accounts due to a time zone difference between their computer's internal clock and the actual registered time on internet servers, we have added a new check for time synchronization!


When logging in, if you get a message similar to the one above, please follow these directions:



Some basic menu options may change based on the version of windows you are operating.

STEP 1: Verify your Time Zone Settings


1. Right click on the Time and Date area of your PC.


2. Choose Adjust Date/Time.

3. Click on the Change Time Zone button.

4. Select your Time Zone from the list.*

5. Click Ok.

*If you are unsure of your time zone, you can look it up here.


STEP 2: Sync with your Local Internet Server

If you are still in your Time and Date Settings from STEP 1, skip down to number 3.

1. Right click on the Time and Date area of your PC.

2. Choose Adjust Date/Time.

3. In the window that appears, select the Internet Time tab.

4. Click Change Settings.

5. Adjust the options to the ones used in the image below. Then click Update Now.


6. Click OK to exit the Internet Time Settings window.

7. Click OK (or Apply) to exit your Date and Time Settings.

8. Refresh the iClassPro Staff Login page.


NOTE: If you are using Windows XP and these instructions do not work, your operating system may not be accounting for daylight savings time. Go to this link and follow the instructions to update your system: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20391



Some basic menu options may change based on your version of the Mac OS.

1. Go to your System Preferences.

2. Find the Date & Time option.

3. Check the "Set time zone automatically using current location" option, seen below.


4. Refresh the iClassPro Staff Login page.



If you have any additional questions or concerns or these instructions do not work, please contact support for further assistance!

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