What is the Roll Sheet (Legacy) Report (CLA-4)?

Learn how to print Legacy Class Roll Sheets.

What is the Roll Sheet (Legacy) report?

The Roll Sheet (Legacy) report is the version of the report that was previously available prior to the updated Roll Sheet Report. The report is great for taking written attendance. It can be printed for a custom time frame and will report any attendance already recorded in the iClassPro software on the printed report.

If you commonly use the same filters when running this report, you can now save them as Presets! Simply load a Preset Filter whenever you open the report page, set your date range and click to generate the report in your preferred format. See our "Preset Filters for Reports" document for more information.

What do the icons mean?

Legacy Roll Sheets will display icons to provide you with important student information at a glance. A key to these icons is included at the top of the roll sheet:

Current icons reflect:

  • Special Enrollment Information
    • Single Day type enrollments - SINGLE DAY type enrollments within the date range of the roll sheets. This icon name will vary based on the value defined under SETTINGS>SETUP>CLASS SETTINGS>GENERAL CLASS SETTINGS>"Single Day Enrollment Label."
    • Dropping enrollments - enrollments that will/have dropped within the date range of the roll sheets.
    • Transferred enrollments - enrollments that have transferred within the date range of the roll sheets.
    • Trial type enrollments - TRIAL type enrollments within the date range of the roll sheets.
    • Makeup type enrollments - MAKEUP type enrollments within the date range of the roll sheets.
    • New enrollments - enrollments with a start date within the date range of the roll sheets.
  • Attendance information
    • Cancelled class - the class was cancelled for the date in question.
    • Present - the student was marked "Present" for the date in question.
    • Tardy/Left Early - the student was tardy or left early on the date in question.
    • Absent - the student was marked "Absent" for the date in question.
    • Expected absent - the student is expected to be marked "Absent" for the date in question.
  • Student/Family information
    • Birthday - denotes a student who has a birthday within the date range of the roll sheets.
    • Missing required policy/policies - denotes students who are missing required policies.
    • Outstanding balance - denotes students in families with an outstanding balance.

Printing the Legacy Roll Sheets

  1. Navigate to REPORTS>CLASSES>Roll Sheets (CLA-4).
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon to launch the report filters screen.
  3. Use the Program, Keyword, Zone, Instructor, Day of the Week, and Session filters to narrow the list of classes that will be included in the report. If you do not need one or all of these filters, leave them set to blank to include all options.
  4. Select the time frame which you are running the roll sheets for.
    Note: If the roll has already been taken within iClassPro for this time period, it will fill in on the report.
  5. Check the boxes next to the Display Options to select what information will be added to the report for each student or to change the appearance of the report.
    • Render in Landscape Mode
    • Display Start and Drop Dates
    • Display Birthdate
    • Display Age
    • Display Gender
    • Display Primary Guardian
    • Display Phone Number
    • Display Email Address
    • Display Account Balance
    • Display Zone Column
    • Display Blank Rows Up To The Maximum Number of Students
    • Display Three Additional Blank Rows
    • Display Roll Sheet Comments
    • Use Condensed Header Format
    • Display Empty Classes
    • Page Break After Each Class
    • Show Inactive Instructors
    • Show Checkboxes
    • Order Students by First Name
      Note: If you do not need to select specific classes, skip steps 6 and 7.
  6. Use the Update List button to generate a list of classes that meet the criteria you have set so far. This will allow you to narrow down the report to specific classes within that list.
  7. Check the box(es) next to any class(es) which appear on the list that you want to include in the final report.
  8. Choose HTML or PDF to generate the file. If you chose PDF for printing, download the file from your background tasks using the Down arrow button.


Note: XLS/CSV options are not included for this report due to special characters and table elements which do not transfer to these file formats.

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