Skill Evaluations in the Parent Portal

Using our skill tracking system, staff members can submit evaluations (star ratings & optional comments) that can be enabled for customers to see online in the parent portal!


What will my customers see?

There are a few settings which determine how much information will be seen online. By default, the evaluations section is turned off. Once enabled (under Settings > Parent Portal > General Settings > Show Evaluations in Parent Portal), customers will see a new “Evaluations” option in the navigation menu of the parent portal.



After clicking on Evaluations, the customer will see their registered students listed. If the student has skills that have been evaluated, they will see a “view Skill Tree” button. If the students’ skills have not yet been evaluated, they will see “No evaluations recorded” beside the student’s name.

You can also enable/disable the option of displaying the student’s photo if one has been uploaded under the student’s profile (under Settings > Parent Portal > General Settings > Show Student Images in Parent Portal).


Example of the student's image shown in the Parent Portal:


After clicking “View Skill Tree”, the customer will be taken to a list of skills which the student has been evaluated for. These are broken down in the same layout that the skill tree was created in. First is the name of the Skill Tree, then the Event, the Level and finally, the Skill itself.


Once the customer clicks on the skill, they will be able to review the rating and any comments. Comments can be turned on and off completely, under Settings > Setup > General Settings > Skill Tracking > Enable Comments on Evaluations (Visible to Customer). If enabled, staff can enter comments along with a star rating, which will be visible in the customer portal along with the evaluations section.


The customer can also review additional details about the skill, such as a description and media files (photos and/or videos) by clicking “View Skill Details”.


The description and media files can be entered for each skill by editing the skill under Settings > Setup > General Settings > Skill Tracking > Skill Bank.


When adding photos and videos, each item has it’s own option for whether or not it is visible to customers.


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