Linking to Different Parent Portal Locations

To create a more seamless user experience on your website, businesses with multiple locations inside of the same iClassPro account may find themselves wishing to link to a specific location's registration, classes or camp pages.

This can be done using the unique location ID's assigned to each of your locations. Our support representatives would be happy to assist you with getting these ID numbers as they are not visible within your iClassPro account.

Once you have your location ID numbers, follow the instructions below to understand how the parent portal links are created and create your own location-specific links!

Standard Parent Portal URL

The standard parent portal URL will be structured this way:

This will send customers to the login page. When you have multiple locations, using this link will not direct to a specific location unless you have set a default location under SETTINGS>PARENT PORTAL>GENERAL SETTINGS. 

Navigating to a Specific Page of the Portal

Next, iClassPro adds the name of the page to the URL. For example, the following link will take you to the new account registration page:

Filtering to a Specific Location's Page

To add a location filter to your URL, you will need to end the address with ?location=ID (replacing ID with the location ID). The question mark indicates that you are applying a filter, location is the item you are filtering by and the =ID portion identifies specifically which area you are filtering to.
The URL below would tell the system to navigate to the registration page for location 1: 

Using Multiple Page Filters

Some pages in the iClassPro Parent Portal will have additional filters. For example, Camp list pages will automatically be filtered by the ID of the camp type that the camp is tied to. In these situations, there is already a ? in the URL after the generic page name, so adding the location filter code with a question mark at the beginning will not have the desired result.

For example, this URL will take you to the camps associated with camp ID 19 in this account:

To link to only those camps associated with camp ID 19 in location 1, you would replace the ? in the location filter with an & and add it to the end of the URL.

This link operates the following way:

  1. It opens your parent portal (
  2. Finds the camp section (
  3. Signals that you are using filters with a ? (
  4. Applies the first filter specified, in this case, the camp type (
  5. Tells the system there is an additional filter by adding an & (
  6. Applies the additional filter of the location


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