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Giving Account Credit

Note: If you are using a multi-location iClassPro account, make sure that you have the location selected at the top of the page that you would like associated with this credit balance.

  1. Find the family or student you wish to give credit to. (To give credit to multiple families, students or enrollments at one time, click here for instructions.)
  2. Click the Ledger icon ($) to open ledger options.
  3. Click on New Payment.
  4. Edit the Payment Title and Date if necessary.
  5. Select the Credit Type you are using to collect payment.
  6. Type in the Credit Amount

     Skip the Payment Type and Payment Amount fields. These fields are useful for recording a new payment. You can also include check numbers or additional information in the reference field. Reference notes show on the bank deposit report.
  7. Check the boxes for Charges to apply the credit. If the credit is not applied, it will sit in the customers' account as non-applied credit for future use.
  8. Click Process Payment to record the credit on the customer's ledger.

Credit Type Description

House: The business is crediting the customer account such as for closures or a bad experience.

Coupon: The business is allowing the customer to redeem a coupon or voucher for an amount.

Other: Catch-all for other reasons a customer may be given credit.

Note: When giving a credit, you can also print or email a receipt to show that the credit was issued.

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